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Where is the coolant drain plug on engine block

ekaz. Registered. Joined Aug 30, 2010. 427 Posts. #4 · Jul 21, 2014. There is a plug on most engine block to drain the coolant. On the HEMI, it's a bit behind the motor mount and a couple inches above the oil pan. On my 6.4, it was a brass colored bolt. One on each side.

Discussion Starter · #1 · Nov 21, 2010. I flushed the cooling system by draining the radiator plug and running water thru the system and all, but I couldn't find the engine coolant drain plug. The Haynes manual says that there are two such plugs on each both sides of the engine and is usually found an inch and half above the oil pan.

Driver side is in front, pass side is in rear behind starter, they are ussually painted yellow (mine are) BMDMAX's Duramax Diesel Engine Removal Guide. 06 LBZ. Lifted on 35s, Air Bags, 5" FBD straight pipe, PPE tuner, PCV mod, cobalt guages, Super Steer Idler Support, steering braced and sleeved, ARP studs, and EGR delete. 1 - 2 of 2 Posts.

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There is a little plastic plug under that bottom hose in the radiator, I think it allows you to comletely empty it. that will drop most of the coolent in the system, but there will still be some in the block and heater core. So to get it all out a. 2. Dec 19, 2007 #1. I recently pulled the 390 out of my 67 mustang. I wanted to pull the coolant drain plugs out from the bottom of the engine block. The one on the passenger side would not budge. I will probably try the candle wax trick that was suggested on another thread.

4,428 Posts. #5 · Apr 8, 2018. With the drain open on the radiator, pressurize the block with a compressed air through the heater hose quick coupling. That will blow most of the coolant to the radiator. The only way to get it all out is to take the drain plugs out that are under the motor mounts.

Dec 09, 2020 · So I replaced the ignition coil for that cylinder. Problem went away–for a while. Misfire came back, as diagnosed by my Blue Driver OBDII port scanner and some rough startups. Finally the coolant all spewed out the exhaust. It turns out that the 1.6L cylinder block was cracked. Ford replaced the engine with a long block under the powertrain ....

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